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Posted June 9, 2020 –

CT travelers often carry the pocket-sized, official Colorado Trail Databook. It answers the all-important questions about upcoming water sources, mileages, elevations and enlightens the traveler should they reach an unsigned intersection as happens more often than we’d wish.

The current, edition Databook also includes key information on Resupply Places. It presents the from-Denver mile points where travelers would diverge from the CT, post office zip codes for general delivery shipments, place amenities, mileage from the trail to towns, road numbers, and some of the key businesses like hostels, stores and maildrop options.

Examples of the places it covers include the popular resupply locations of Bailey, Jefferson, Breckenridge, Frisco, Leadville, Twin Lakes Village, Buena Vista, Mt Princeton Hot Springs, Salida, Creede, Lake City, Molas Lake Campground, Silverton and Durango.

The great majority of the information presented remains unchanged since the guide was published in 2018. But there have been some changes and here they are:

  • In Denver “near downtown and REI,” the is no longer in business
  • In Leadville, after an ownership and name change, what used to be is now
  • A hostel for only a single season in Twin Lakes Village, the is no longer. But a few miles down the road is and (in a normal year without Coronavirus) they offer some hostel-like accommodations, maildrop plus limited shuttle for guests, and walk-in showers

Resupply info in the CT Databook is good place to start formulating your plan.