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  • CT 485 Sticker


    CT 485 Oval Sticker

    Your waterbottle, car window, laptop, whatever…

    …it will look sharp with this custom vinyl sticker commemorating the end-to-end mileage of The Colorado Trail.

    Back by popular demand, these are sought after by CT enthusiasts from Completers to Goal Setters. Thanks to Bernard “Gummi Bear” Wolf who simply likes sharing his enthusiasm, this sticker will spark conversations and bring CT fans together.

    Great as gifts or for yourself…bring back those special CT memories.

    • 4-1/2 inches wide
    • 3 inches tall
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  • Magnets


    Five magnet designs, each with a stunning CT image and the familiar Colorado Trail Marker that brings back good memories.

    Top quality, wrapped metal magnets.

    Strong magnet won’t slide down your fridge. Will easily hold your Completer Certificate in place until you get it framed.

    3″ high x 3.5″ wide
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  • Colorado Trail Guidebook, 9th Edition


    This book covers the entire Colorado Trail, all 567 miles between Denver and Durango, including Segments 1-28 plus CW01-CW05. This is the first edition Guidebook that covers both the CT Collegiate East and CT Collegiate West. It helps you plan your CT excursions, can guide you on the trail, and is particularly well-suited to have either in an automobile or at home. It is your official resource for hiking, backpacking, horseback riding and bicycling The Colorado Trail.

    The 9th Edition CT Guidebook includes…

    • DETAIL – comprehensive chapter for every CT segment (1-28 + CW01-CW05)
      • up to date with all trail reroutes
      • mileage & elevation stats
      • segment overview
      • trailheads, access points, and ACCESS ROAD INFO
      • mile by mile trail description and highlights
      • map of each segment (highlighted CT, milepoints and roads)
      • elevation profile
      • GPS waypoints including segment endpoints (coordinates in UTM)
      • resupply towns info
    • INCLUDED – chapters on CT heritage, natural history and geology
    • BEST RESOURCE – trip planning guide
    • BIG PICTURE – end-to-end elevation profiles plus Collegiate East and West (helping with snowpack considerations)
    • VISUALS – full-color photographs throughout
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  • ‘Elk Creek Vista’ Matted CT Print


    Perhaps the most iconic view along the entire Colorado Trail, this is the ‘Elk Creek Vista’ from the Continental Divide in CT Segment 24 above Silverton. This beautiful matted print of Julie Leidel’s original Colorado artwork was created in partnership with The Colorado Trail Foundation.

    Choose from three sizes (in inches):

    • 5×7 print (mat fits an 8×10 frame)
    • 8×10 print (mat fits an 11×14 frame)
    • 11×14 print (mat fits a 16×20 frame)

    SHIPMENT NOTE: While most orders ship in a single package, your Matted Print will ship in a sturdy cardboard envelope, and MAY ARRIVE SEPARATELY FROM OTHER ITEMS.

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  • Colorado Trail Databook, 7th Edition


    Pocket-sized, the CT Databook is the “Cliff Notes” version of the CT Guidebook. Users like carrying it and referring to it on the Trail.

    The 7th Edition Databook is the first ever that’s WATERPROOF, eliminating the need for protective plastic bags, making it even handier!

    The Databook answers your questions, including: How far is the next reliable water? How many miles? What elevation? Where can I resupply? Information is presented in an easy-to-understand system of key words, symbols, maps and elevation profiles for each of the Trail segments.

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  • Colorado Trail Map Book


    Current edition, topo maps for the entire CT, all 567-miles of The Colorado Trail, including CT Collegiate West & Collegiate East, showing all trail reroutes opened. Also covers each of the five bicycle wilderness detours mandatory for cyclists.

    • Scale: approx. 1 inch = 3,000 feet
    • 92 pages
    • 8.5″ x 11″
    • 15 oz.
    • spiral bound to lay flat for easy use
    • paperback
    • magnetic declinations for compass users
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  • CT Scenery Sticker


    Dress up your water bottle, mug, laptop, or car. Stunning wherever you place it, this CT Scenery Sticker shows off the incredible mountain views and wildflowers in the shape of the familiar trail marker. Premium quality, both waterproof and fade proof with indoor/outdoor adhesive, it will last for years without fading or peeling.

    On the back you’ll find information about The Colorado Trail and Foundation. It makes an ideal gift.

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  • Colorado Trail Complete Guides Package

    $93.85 $84.00

    Everything you need to travel The Colorado Trail.

    • CT Map Book
    • CT Guidebook
    • CT Databook

    Save almost $10 on this package.

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  • Trail Marker


    You’ve seen ’em on the Trail.  They’ve guided you.  A comforting and familiar sight, these Trail Markers bring back fond memories.

    3-5/8″ high triangular, 3D, metal “confidence” marker used to sign The Colorado Trail.

    Official green CT logo is ‘raised’ against white double-peaked triangular background.  Sharp looking, nice addition in your world.

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  • Colorado Trail Belt


    Custom CT Logo Belt

    Matte-black metal buckle with white, custom CT logo. Stealth-black layered nylon strap.

    See details below under “Description.”

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  • Colorado Trail Databook, 6th Edition

    $14.95 $7.95

    6th Edition is not the most current, but is still offered here, discounted, until they sell out completely. 

    . . . most current is the 7th Edition CT Databook (waterproof, dozens more water sources, etc)

    The 6th Edition is lightweight at only 3.9 ounces and pocket-sized, the CT Databook is the “Cliff Notes” version of the CT Guidebook.  Users like carrying it and referring to it on the trail.

    The Databook answers your questions, including: How far is the next reliable water? Where might I camp tonight? How many miles? Where can I resupply? Information is presented in an easy-to-understand system of key words and symbols, plus maps and elevation profiles for each of the trail segments.

    The 6th Edition Databook was current for the 2015-2017 trail seasons. It pairs very well with the 9th Edition CT Guidebook and many users choose to buy them both.

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  • Commemorative “Gudy Gaskill” Top


    “Mother of The Colorado Trail,” Gudy Gaskill (and others) wore one just like this as she led the very first, celebratory CT thru-hike, the “Trail-A-Bration,” in 1988, the first full year the trail was open. Her favorite, she was also wearing it in her iconic photo.

    Size: women’s (runs small; women’s fitted cut)

    Color: White or pink

    Soft, 100% cotton.

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