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  • Package Deal: National Geographic CT Map Guides (Set of Three)


    Set of 3 Nat Geo Map Guides: Colorado Trail North, South, and Collegiate Loop

    Discounted for purchasing as a set.

    • Waterproof
    • Tear-Resistant
    • Covers the entire CT
    • Elevation profiles included for each section
    • Resupply towns info included
    • Bicycle wilderness detours included
    • Detailed topo maps show the CT and everything nearby

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  • Completion Patch


    Commemorate your journey and the accomplishment of completing The Colorado Trail!

    3-inch by 3-inch patch. Embroidered with CT logo and place for you to write in your CT completion date.

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  • Collegiate Loop Map Book


    Current 2021 edition, covers the entire 160-mile loop, the CT Collegiate West and CT Collegiate East, including all reroutes opened.

    • Scale: approx. 1 inch = 3,000 feet
    • 24 pages
    • 8.5″ x 11″
    • 6 oz.
    • Spiral bound to lay flat for easy use
    • Paperback

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  • Colorado Trail Logo Patch


    Three inch round patch with border and CT logo embroidered in green.

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  • Trail Medallion- CT LOGO


    Buy one or more of these CT Medallions to enhance your trip. Or commemorate a successful CT adventure or Completion. The hand made medallions are sand cast from recycled aluminum. Hang one on your pack or just about anywhere. They will also look great on your keychain or as a tree ornament!

    • hand made
    • generously donated to the CTF
    • your purchase will help support the CTF mission of trail maintenance
    • share the CT logo with others
    • great addition to your kit
    • immediately recognizable

    Each medallion is 1.5in W x 1.75in H, and comes strung with green cord, which is removable.

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  • Long Trails “How to Thru-Hike”


    Mastering the Art of the Thru-Hike

    The tools to make your dream of a long-distance thru-hike a reality.

    Liz “Snorkel” Thomas, former women’s speed record holder for the AT and veteran of twenty long trails, gives you the tools to make your long-distance hiking dream a reality. Topics include selecting gear, stocking resupplies, and planning your budget and schedule. Gorgeous photos!

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  • Colorado Trail Round Medal


    The Colorado Trail Medal Commemorate your time on The Colorado Trail with this colorful hiker medal! This medal is of a very high quality with many 3-dimensional details. It weighs 4 oz, is 3.5 inches in diameter and comes with a 1.5 inch ribbon.

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  • Pocket Chainsaw


    Pocket Chainsaw cuts efficiently.  Carry it in your pack and use it to help keep the Trail clear.  Motorless, the four-foot chain has bi-directional, razor sharp teeth for two-way cutting action.  Weighing less than 8 ounces and stored in its own small carrying case, the Pocket Chainsaw is easy to carry in your pack or on your belt.  Use it when you encounter a fallen tree or branch obstructing the Trail.  It takes just seconds to retrieve this miniature, wonder tool.

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  • Beanie


    Cozy knit beanie.

    Synthetic to wick and dry fast, keeping your head warm.

    Heather gray with CT logo embroidered in green.

    One size fits most.

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  • Magnets (you choose; 5 designs)


    Five magnet designs, each with a stunning CT image and the familiar Colorado Trail Marker that brings back good memories.

    Top quality, wrapped metal magnets.

    Strong magnet won’t slide down your fridge. Will easily hold your Completer Certificate in place until you get it framed.

    3″ high x 3.5″ wide
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  • Voices of The Colorado Trail


    Authored by three-time CT completer David W. Fanning, it offers insightful stories gathered along the trail, about the experience of hiking The Colorado Trail. Featuring wonderful photographs which capture both the personalities of trail travelers (all kinds) and the beautiful scenery of the CT, “Voices of The Colorado Trail” has been helpful to those planning their own hikes. A quick read that easily communicates what a thru-hike is all about, trip planners have often benefited when they’ve shared this with a loved one who “just doesn’t get it.”

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  • Travel Mug


    16-ounce, stainless steel Travel Mug with the familiar CT logo and green highlights. Easy-sip top closes to prevent slosh. Perfect for your morning ‘joe’ or whatever.

    • weighs 6 ounces
    • 7 inches tall by 3.25 inches in diameter at the top
    • washes nicely (not dishwasher safe)
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