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CT Travel Tips

Parking in Denver

Parking in Denver People planning their Colorado Trail thru-hike are often surprised to learn that there is no overnight parking at Waterton Canyon, the northern terminus of the CT and…
May 8, 2023
The 2017 Peak 2 Fire Closed CT Segment 7Fire Bans

Stove Choice and Fire Bans

Posted May 12, 2022 - STOVE CHOICE AND FIRE BANS ON THE CT. In brief: Allowed stoves have on-off valves, including the canister gas stoves most CT travelers choose. Prohibited…
May 12, 2022
Fire Bans Affect the Entire Colorado TrailFire Bans

Fire Bans in 2021

EDITED JUNE 19 AS TO WHITE GAS STOVES Posted June 18,2021 - CT Fire Bans have been instituted; expect them all Trail season. – A reality nearly every Trail season,…
June 18, 2021