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Many of you are planning a trip on The Colorado Trail this summer …exciting!… and making plans to take photos. As you are putting together your plans, we hope you might consider contributing your pics to the CT Foundation after you finish. Your CT photos would be a big help to us.

Every year we need hundreds of images. We use them for our website, blog posts, social media, newsletters, brochures, CT Store items and when we create a new edition, the CT Guidebook. Thanks to Trail travelers in the past, we almost always have good (and fresh) photos to choose from. They help tell a particular story related to the beauty, conditions, mode of travel, flowers, friendships, town fun and more. For example, when the tread shows prominently, the picture often communicates about the Trail and landscape. Or when a hiker, biker or horse rider shows in the photo, the image can tell a story about the experience.

If you’d like to help in this way, after your trip, email Bill Manning, the CTF Exec Director, bill at colorado trail dot org. He can help with easy ways to deliver including via Dropbox.

PHOTOS TIP: Thru-travelers and others going long distances on the CT will appreciate this tip. Take a photo of every trailhead sign. When you get home, each of these sign photos will help you remember where on the Trail the next string of photos was taken.