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Fire Restrictions

By May 10, 2018January 24th, 2019Fire Bans2 min read

Fire bans along The Colorado Trail are the reality nearly every Trail season. But 2018 is already unusual given the drought conditions, especially severe along the southern half of the CT.
FIRE BANS START MAY 1. Earlier in the year than normal, fire restrictions begin today, May 1, on the entire San Juan National Forest. (See the link provided for the official notice.) Looking at the CT Guidebook, this affects Segments 24-28. From experience, we are guessing this fire ban will be in place for months; weather forecasts predict more dry conditions and bolster this.
STAGE 1 FIRE RESTRICTIONS. Though a bit complicated to pin down exactly what’s not allowed due to definitions, etc., here’s our understanding at the CT Foundation.
. . . . . CAMP FIRES ARE PROHIBITED. Camp fires (the type a CT user typically might consider) are prohibited.
. . . . . STOVES THAT ARE PROHIBITED. Backpacking stoves lacking on-off valve are prohibited. (Prohibited stoves include alcohol, Esbit, and twig stoves.)
MORE RESTRICTIONS TO COME. By the time Trail season gets fully underway (usually July) there will be more restrictions and they’ll involve more segments of The Colorado Trail. CT users should plan now to enjoy their trips without campfires and avoiding stoves lacking on-off valve.
WILDFIRE CATASTROPHIC. The Colorado climate is always dry with low relative humidity, and plants and soils that are often tinder dry. Fires break out easily. A wildfire will often spread rapidly and be nothing short of catastrophic. In 2017, the human caused “Peak 2 Fire” near Breckenridge burned the forest along The Colorado Trail and, beyond devastating Mother Nature, threatened people’s lives and homes. Every year there are wildfires in the Colorado mountains.
ALERT AND CAUTIOUS WITH FLAME. Every single Colorado Trail traveler should follow the rules and be super cautious with all flame.…