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The Colorado Trail Foundation offers supported treks on the CT!

Each summer, The Colorado Trail Foundation offers several week-long supported trips on the CT. Participants hike 5 days and are treated to some of the most spectacular scenery in Colorado. Meals and professional guides are provided, and all of your camp gear is transported for you from camp to camp. All you have to do is carry your daypack and enjoy the journey! Easier than backpacking with all your equipment, the trips are still rigorous with hiking days averaging around 15 miles.

Participants experience the Trail with guides and the services and support of the trained crew. Consider joining us:

  • Hike 4–5 days on The Colorado Trail carrying only your light daypack
  • Professional guides lead the way
  • All of your camping gear is transported for you
  • You can bring your own camping gear or make arrangements to rent equipment
  • Arrive at camp to appetizers, cold drinks, comfortable camp chairs, and a hot, wholesome meal made from fresh ingredients prepared by your camp crew
  • Refresh yourself in a backcountry shower
  • Space is limited to 12 participants per week and spots fill quickly – don’t wait to sign up!

Week-long Trips on the CT

CTF supported trips may be the most enjoyable way to experience The Colorado Trail. On these multi-day excursions, participants hike the Trail carrying only their daypacks. Camping gear is shuttled to the next camp by the staff. All meals are provided and have been characterized as gourmet for the backcountry. These trips are managed by CTF’s partners at Colorado Mountain Expeditions, Dan & Emily Weida. Choose one of the sections below for more information and details on how to register.


South Platte

  • Trailheads: Waterton Canyon to Kenosha
  • CT Segments: 1-5 on the Colorado Trail
Section 1 Hike


Kokomo Pass

  • Trailheads: Kenosha Pass to Camp Hale
  • CT Segments: 6-8 on the Colorado Trail
Section 2 Hike


Holy Cross

  • Trailheads: Camp Hale to Clear Creek
  • CT Segments: 8-11 on the Colorado Trail
Section 3 Hike


Chalk Creek

  • Trailheads: Clear Creek to Marshall Pass
  • CT Segments: 12-15 on the Colorado Trail
Section 4 Hike


Cochetopa Valley

  • Trailheads: Marshall Pass to San Luis Pass
  • CT Segments: 16-20 on the Colorado Trail
Section 5 Hike


Cataract Ridge

  • Trailheads: San Luis Pass to Molas Pass
  • CT Segments: 21-24 on the Colorado Trail
Section 6 Hike


Indian Trail Ridge

  • Trailheads: Molas Pass to Durango
  • CT Segments: 25-28 on the Colorado Trail
Section 7 Hike

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