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Submit this form to get added to the CT Shuttlers List.

Your information will not be posted to social media or other online places, it will be available via email, from this website only.

  • Beginning March 1st, our list of shuttlers that is sent to CT trail users will be broken into two sections:
    • Volunteer Shuttlers (Free Service)
      • To sign up for this, your online listing will state clearly that you are shuttling completely as a volunteer and do not accept any money, donations, etc.
      • These Volunteer Shuttlers will receive a free sticker from CTF designating you a Volunteer CT Shuttler.
    • Paid Shuttlers (Asks for a fee or donation)
      • To sign up for this, a shuttler/company has to agree that they are operating inside USFS guidelines (we do not supervise this process and will accept the shuttler’s word that they are in compliance). Since the shuttlers on this page are operating as a business by collecting money for shuttling (even if they call it donations), a minimum donation of $250/yr to CTF is required to be advertised on this page of our website.