Volunteer with The Colorado Trail Foundation

You can help give back to the CT through a number of ways!

You can help with our mission of maintaining the Trail through Trail Crews and the Adopt-A-Trail program, and there’s a long list of other non-trail work related volunteer opportunities!

Trail Crews:

Click here to see the 2023 Trail Crew Schedule and to register!
Each summer our volunteer trail crews have fun caring for the Trail. CTF crews accomplish major Trail maintenance and improvement projects. Crews are made up of volunteers like you: people who enjoy the outdoors and trail enthusiasts who like being with others and working as a team to accomplish the goal taking care of the Trail. Our volunteers camp near the Trail, learn about trail work, eat good food, meet other great people, work together, and enjoy maintaining and enhancing the Trail. The work takes some energy and will help keep you fit. The surroundings are a big plus, being in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Participants enjoy the camaraderie, a sense of accomplishment and find that Trail work with The Colorado Trail Foundation is truly fun. We hold week-long crews, weekend crews, and sometimes one day crews. Please volunteer. We need your help to care for the Trail.

Adopt-A-Trail: Adopt your own section of the CT!

Another opportunity is to participate in our Adopt-A-Trail program.
Volunteer adopters and their helpers carry out annual Trail maintenance in late spring and summer to prepare the Trail for use by hikers, mountain bikers, and horse riders. Volunteering to care for a particular segment, Adopt-A-Trail participants develop a sense of ownership and pride in their personal piece of trail. The work involves cutting trees that have fallen across the Trail and maintaining and improving water diversions to prevent Trail erosion. The work is fun and gratifying. Although some adopters stick with their commitment for many years, we always have segments that need volunteer adopters. Check back here soon for an updated list of sections that need to be adopted!

Other Ways to Volunteer:

Support CTF’s mission in ways other than trail work!
Friends of The Colorado Trail can volunteer in ways other than working on the Trail. These opportunities include many different areas of the organization. If you want to give back to CTF, we’re confident we can find a way to use your energy and skills! Here are just a few areas that we need volunteer support. Email us at ctf@coloradotrail.org to inquire about helping in any of these areas:

In the field:

  • Trail Crew Cooks- Supporting Trail crews with food preparation
  • Transportation- Help by transporting trail crew members and equipment to the work site
  • Trail crew photos- We need help capturing great photos of our volunteers hard at work.  Photographer can drive to a trail crew and take photos at their convenience this season.

CTF headquarters in Golden, CO:

  • Office Mailings- We mail out a lot of fun stuff to our donors and volunteers each month. Join us in the CTF office in Golden to help with these mailing efforts. This is an ongoing need throughout the year.
  • Mailing Parties- We will hold two mailing parties in 2023 to help us send fun mailings to our 17,000+ mailing list.

CTF Field Operations Center in Poncha Springs, CO:

  • Yard Maintenance- Help with watering, mowing, and weeding to help keep maintain the beauty of this property (Equipment provided by CTF). This is an ongoing need every May-October.
  • Supply Organizer- Help clean out and organize bins used to store kitchen and cleaning supplies for trail crew. This is an ongoing need throughout the trail season.


Trailwork volunteers group photo