Adopt and Take Care of a CT Section

Adopters are The Colorado Trail’s front line volunteers, keeping the Trail passable and reporting trail conditions to The Colorado Trail Foundation (CTF). The CTF’s Adopt-A-Trail (AAT) Program and volunteers accomplish annual maintenance on The Colorado Trail (CT). Each summer, Adopters and their volunteer helpers:

  • Clear fallen trees to make way for trail users early in the trail season, soon after snow melts on your section
  • Assess the signage: intersection signs and trail markers both northbound and southbound
  • Clean water diversions sometime during the trail season to prevent erosion
  • Report to the CTF as needed & requested

two men sawing aspen with crosscut saw
By performing this maintenance and reporting back to the office, Adopters and their helpers enable the CTF to continue preserving The Colorado Trail.

Adopters are responsible for the 83 AAT Sections that span the length of the CT.  They vary in length from 1 ½ to 17 miles. Supported by the CTF, Adopters receive leadership, handbooks, access to CTF tools and can involve themselves in orientation and training activities.

The Adopter of each maintenance section is a responsible individual, often representing a family group, Scout Troop, hiking club, mountain bike group, horse club or simply a group of friends. Adopters stick with the task for many years, finding outdoor fun and a sense of accomplishment.

Become part of the volunteer tradition that built and maintained this 567-mile trail… become a CTF Adopter!  To inquire, and for more information, email the CTF Field Operations Manager, Darin Radatz,