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Colorado Trail Foundation Adopters are responsible for keeping the Trail passable and reporting trail conditions for the 86 sections of trail below. These adopt-a-trail sections span the entire length of the Trail and vary in length from 1 ½ to 17 miles. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn more about becoming an adopter. Thank you for caring for the Trail!

Are you a current Adopter with questions regarding a Trail project or need advice on how to handle a challenge with your section? If so, you can contact our Adopter Mentor, Connie Wian, to get help!  Connie is a long-time Trail Adopter, Trail Crew Leader, and a current CTF Board Member.  She can be reached at 970-259-8840 or

Section #Section DescriptionMilesAdopter First NameAdopter Last NameNational ForestRanger DistrictAreaCDTWilderness
1.1Waterton Canyon TH to South Platte River TH16.8Kristen and Joe TonsagerPikeS.Platte1.0
2.1South Platte River TH to Raleigh Pk Rd xing6.0Bruce and DanPratherPikeS.Platte1.0
2.2Raleigh Pk Rd xing to Little Scraggy TH5.5SeanKnieperPikeS.Platte1.0
3.1Little Scraggy TH to Meadows Group Cmpgrd Rd (FS Rd 543.F) xing7.6COMBA PikeS.Platte1.0
3.2Meadows Group Cmpgrd Rd (FS Rd 543.F) xing to Rolling Cr TH4.6Melody
4.1Rolling Cr TH to jct to North Fk TH8.9VinceFranzenPikeS.Platte+S.Park1.0pt W
4.2Jct to North Fk TH to jct to Long Gulch TH7.7AngelaBakasPikeS. Park1.0
5.1Jct to Long Gulch TH to Rock Cr TH8.0DawnZalonePikeS.Park1.0pt W
5.2Rock Cr TH to Kenosha Pass (Hwy 285 xing)6.6Chris and HeatherThiryPikeS.Platte+S.Park1.0
6.1Kenosha Pass (Hwy 285 xing) to Jefferson Lake Rd (FS Rd 37) xing5.9Heather
6.2Jefferson Lake Rd (FS Rd 37) xing to Continental Divide (above Georgia Pass)6.4Caleb and NathanJohnsonPikeS.Park1.0
6.3Continental Divide (above Georgia Pass) to N Fk Swan Rd (FS Rd 354) xing7.4OPENWhite RiverDillon2.0CDT
6.4N Fk Swan Rd (FS Rd 354 xing) to Horseshoe Gulch Tr jct9.1MeganFinnesyWhite RiverDillon2.0CDT
6.5Horseshoe Gulch Tr jct to Gold Hill TH3.9Scott
Laura Brieser-Smith
White RiverDillon2.0CDT
7.1Gold Hill TH to Tenmile Range divide high pt8.4Friends of DillonRanger DistrictWhite RiverDillon2.0CDT
7.2Tenmile Range divide high pt to Hwy 91 xing5.2PatrickMurrayWhite RiverDillon2.0CDT
8.1Hwy 91 xing to W edge Copper Mtn4.5CopperMountainWhite RiverDillon2.0CDT
8.2W edge Copper Mtn to Searle Pass5.2DaveCallaisWhite RiverDillon2.0CDT
8.3Searle Pass to Kokomo Pass3.2LeeAshleyWhite RiverDillon2.0CDT
8.4Kokomo Pass to Cataract Creek Tr jct4.2PaulSmithWhite RiverEagle "Holy Cross"2.0CDT
8.5Cataract Creek Tr jct to Hwy 24 xing5.0MichaelCareyWhite RiverEagle "Holy Cross"2.0CDT
8.6Hwy 24 xing to Tennessee Pass TH3.3Tim and JacqueBurroughsWhite RiverEagle "Holy Cross"2.0CDT
9.1Tennessee Pass TH to Wurts Ditch Rd (FS Rd 100) xing2.8Elizabeth
La May
San IsabelLeadville3.0CDT
9.2Wurts Ditch Rd (FS Rd 100) xing to Porcupine Creek bridge5.2LaurenJonesSan IsabelLeadville3.0CDTpt W
9.3Porcupine Creek bridge to Timberline Lake TH5.6Taylor and Zach
San IsabelLeadville3.0CDTpt W
10.1Timberline Lake TH to Rock Creek bridge6.2KristaHallSan IsabelLeadville3.0CDTpt W
10.2Rock Creek bridge to Mt Massive TH6.9EricMinkSan IsabelLeadville3.0CDTpt W
11.1Mt Massive TH to Hwy 82 underpass7.2Betsy SylvesterSan IsabelLeadville3.0CDT
11.2Hwy 82 underpass to CDT/Collegiate West CT Tr jct6.5JudySanclariaSan IsabelLeadville3.0CDT
11.3CDT/Collegiate West CT Tr jct to Clear Creek Rd (CR 390) xing7.8Lawton
San IsabelLeadville3.0
12.1Clear Creek Rd (CR 390) xing to Waverly Ridge4.8Michael
San IsabelLeadville3.0pt W
12.2Waverly Ridge to Pine Creek Tr jct1.6RonHarperSan IsabelLeadville3.0W
12.3Pine Creek Tr jct to Silver Creek TH12.1Steve CombsSan IsabelLeadville3.0pt W
13.1Silver Creek TH to Avalanche TH6.6BrentRumseySan IsabelSalida4.0pt W
13.2Avalanche TH to S Cottonwood TH2.3Ann and Aaron
San IsabelSalida4.0
13.3S Cottonwood TH to Mt Princeton Rd (CR 322) jct8.2TimMcElderrySan IsabelSalida4.0
14.1Chalk Creek TH to Browns Creek Tr (north jct)6.4Terry (TJ)
San IsabelSalida4.0
14.2Browns Creek Tr (north jct) to FS Rd 2554.8GeneTisonSan IsabelSalida4.0
14.3FS Rd 255 to Angel of Shavano TH3.7Randy
San IsabelSalida4.0
14.4Angel of Shavano TH to Hwy 50 xing5.5LauraOlsonSan IsabelSalida4.0
15.1Hwy 50 xing to CDT/Collegiate West CT Tr jct8.6Greg
San IsabelSalida4.0
15.2CDT/Collegiate West CT Tr jct to Marshall Pass TH5.7ScottBakerGunn+S.IsabGunn+Salida4.0CDT
16.1Marshall Pass TH to Headwaters Hill4.8Stuart AllenGunn+S.IsabGunn+Salida5.0CDT
16.2 Headwaters Hill to Sargents Mesa (FS Rd 855 jct)10.4Central ColoradoMountain RidersGunn+Rio GrGunn+Saguache5.0CDT
17.1Sargents Mesa (FS Rd 855 jct) to Razor Creek Tr jct10.8OPENGunn+Rio GrGunn+Saguache5.0CDT
17.2Razor Creek Tr jct to Hwy 114 xing9.6MattSchwartzGunn+Rio GrGunn+Saguache5.0CDT
18.1Hwy 114 xing to FS Rd 787.2D jct13.8MarthaViolettGunnisonGunnison5.0CDT
19.1FS Rd 787.2D jct to FS Rd 597.1A jct6.8George NeserkeGunnisonGunnison5.0CDT
19.2FS Rd 597.1A jct to Eddiesville TH6.9OPENGunnisonGunnison5.0CDTpt W
20.1Eddiesville TH to San Luis Pass12.7ChrisStifflerGunn+Rio GrGunn+Divide5.0CDTW
21.1San Luis Pass to W Mineral Creek Tr jct6.2PawelSzafrugaGun+Rio GrGunnison+Divide6.0CDTW
21.2W Mineral Creek Tr jct to Spring Creek Pass TH8.6OPENGunn+Rio GrGunnison+Divide6.0CDT
22.1Spring Creek Pass TH to W Fk Big Buck Creek8.7GunnisonTrailsGunn+Rio GrGunnison+Divide6.0CDT
22.2W Fk Big Buck Creek to Carson Saddle8.5Mark and JoellenFonkenRio GrandeDivide6.0CDT
23.1Carson Saddle to Cataract Gulch Tr jct5.5RonDavisBLM+Gunn+Rio GrDivide+Gunn
23.2Cataract Gulch Tr jct to Stony Pass Rd (FS Rd 520) xing10.4Dave
BLM+Gunn+Rio GrDivide6.0CDT
24.1Stony Pass Rd (FS Rd 520) xing to Elk Cr Tr jct6.4Seth and Jody FurtneyRio Gr+San JuanDivide+Columbine6.0CDTW
24.2Elk Cr Tr jct to Animas River bridge8.8ConnieWianSan JuanColumbine7.0pt W
24.3Animas River bridge to Molas Pass (Hwy 550 xing)5.0Diana
San JuanColumbine7.0
25.1Molas Pass (Hwy 550 xing) to Rolling Mt Pass11.2San Juan Mountain AssociationSan JuanColumbine7.0
25.2Rolling Mt Pass to Celebration Lake (FS Rd 578 xing)9.7MarkRitcheySan JuanColumbine7.0
26.1Celebration Lake (FS Rd 578 xing) to Blackhawk Pass6.9Brent
San JuanColum+Dolores7.0
26.2Blackhawk Pass to Hotel Draw (FS Rd 550 jct)4.0Jason (Diz)DzikowskiSan JuanColum+Dolores7.0
27.1Hotel Draw (FS Rd 550 jct) to Big Bend TR jct6.5Diana
San JuanColum+Dolores7.0
27.2Big Bend Tr jct to Grindstone Tr jct8.5Rob
San JuanColum+Dolores7.0
27.3Grindstone Tr jct to Kennebec Pass TH5.6IanAltmanSan JuanColum+Dolores7.0
28.1Kennebec Pass TH to Champion Venture Rd (FS Rd 171.N) xing2.4Emma
San JuanColumbine7.0
28.2Champion Venture Rd (FS Rd 171.N) xing to Gudy's Rest bench15.0DurangoTrailsSan JuanColumbine7.0
28.3Gudy's Rest bench to Junction Creek TH4.1DurangoTrailsSan JuanColumbine7.0
CW01ACollegiate East CT Tr jct to Tr No. 1471a (to Willis Gulch TH) jct3.5Bob and CarsonMathesSan IsabelLeadvilleCWCDT
CW01BTr No. 1471a (to Willis Gulch TH) jct to Hope Pass3.8Cloud CityWheelersSan IsabelLeadvilleCWCDT
CW01CHope Pass to jct to Sheep Gulch TH2.5RhondaWeilerSan IsabelLeadvilleCWCDT
CW02AJct to Sheep Gulch TH to jct to Mt Huron TH5.9RyanCharterSan IsabelLeadvilleCWCDTpt W
CW02BJct to Mt Huron TH to Lake Ann Pass3.9TishaMcCombsSan IsabelLeadvilleCWCDTW
CW02CLake Ann Pass to Texas Creek8.0Kurt
CW02DTexas Creek TH to Cottonwood Pass TH7.3DonMacLachlanGunnisonGunnisonCWCDTW
CW03ACottonwood Pass TH to Kreutzer's Nose7.9MarkElyGunn+S.IsabGunnison+SalidaCWCDT
CW03BKreutzer's Nose to Tincup Pass Rd (FS Rd 267) xing8.0JeffreyPrattSan IsabelSalidaCWCDT
CW04ATincup Pass Rd (FS Rd 267) xing to Hancock TH8.1JeffErionSan IsabelSalidaCWCDT
CW04BHancock TH to jct to Chalk Creek Pass4.5DaveKuhnSan IsabelSalidaCWCDT
CW04CChalk Creek Pass to the Boss Lake TH5.1ShaneCorriganSan IsabelSalidaCWCDT
CW05AJct to Boss Lake TH to Water Dog Saddle5.5RobinMinoS.Isab+GunnSalida+GunnisonCWCDT
CW05BWater Dog Saddle to Monarch Pass TH5CharlesWasherS.Isab+GunnSalida+GunnisonCWCDT
CW05CMonarch Pass TH to Collegiate East CT Tr jct5.2SalidaMountain TrailsGunnisonGunnisonCWCDT



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The Adopter of each maintenance section is a responsible individual, often representing a family group, Scout Troop, hiking club, mountain bike group, horse club or simply a group of friends. Adopters stick with the task for many years, finding outdoor fun and a sense of accomplishment.

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