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From details on each segment and current travel alerts, to a trail overview and stories of its colorful history, find everything you need to plan and execute your Colorado Trail adventure.


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It’s not all trail work (although we need that, too). Experience the rewards of joining other like-minded individuals in sustaining this Colorado treasure.

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About the Foundation

Organizing the improvement and maintenance of the CT since it was first connected end-to-end in 1987, we need your help.

The Foundation

From Denver to Durango

Since its completion more than 35 years ago (Trail History), The Colorado Trail has become known as one of the premier long-distance trails in the country, lauded by hikers, backpackers, mountain bikers and horse riders from around the world. The CT comprises 567 miles of trail between Denver and Durango and passes through some of the most spectacular scenery in the Colorado Rockies. Users traveling end to end encounter the high mountain lakes and towering peaks of six wilderness areas and eight mountain ranges as they climb nearly 90,000 vertical feet. The average elevation of the Trail is 10,300 feet, topping out at 13,271 feet just below 13,334-foot Coney Summit in southwest Colorado.


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Follow our blog for trail closures and alerts, Foundation accomplishments, trip planning tips, and more.


Who We Are &
How You Can Help

The Colorado Trail Foundation is a non-profit organization that oversees the work of hundreds of volunteers devoted to keeping the Trail in great condition. Most of that work is accomplished by trail crews lasting from one to eight days and by hundreds of individuals and groups that adopt sections of the Trail and conduct annual maintenance. Grants and individual contributions from hundreds of supporters provide the $500,000 needed annually to sustain CTF’s efforts.

Volunteer. Contribute. Spread the word. Volunteers are the life-blood of the organization. Without them, there would be no Trail. Most supporters began as Trail users. Touched by how the experience has enriched their lives, they seek a way to give back. Some love the pick-and-shovel work of trail building and maintenance. Others participate in mailing parties, helping send out newsletters to raise funds. Some support our office staff with data entry, writing thank-you notes, and doing other tasks. Many write checks or donate online to support the Foundation’s ongoing work and encourage others to do the same.

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Three members of CTF trail crew summer 2022
Colorado Trail crew workers take a break