The Colorado Trail

Mile for mile the most beautiful trail in America
… built and maintained by the volunteers of The Colorado Trail Foundation


A spectacular adventure.

Since its completion more than 30 years ago (Trail History), The Colorado Trail has become known as one of the premier long-distance trails in the country, lauded by hikers, backpackers, mountain bikers and horse riders from around the world. The CT comprises 567 miles of trail between Denver and Durango and passes through some of the most spectacular scenery in the Colorado Rockies. Users traveling end to end encounter the high mountain lakes and towering peaks of six wilderness areas and eight mountain ranges as they climb nearly 90,000 vertical feet. The average elevation of the Trail is 10,300 feet, topping out at 13,271 feet just below 13,334-foot Coney Summit in southwest Colorado.

The Trail

Who We Are

The Colorado Trail Foundation is a nonprofit organization that oversees the care and improvement of the Trail. A Board of Directors and three full-time employees oversee the work of hundreds of volunteers who devote thousands of hours each year to keep the Trail in good condition. Most of that work is accomplished by trail crews lasting from one to eight days and by dozens of individuals and groups that adopt sections of the trail and conduct annual maintenance. Corporate and foundation grants and individual contributions from hundreds of supporters provide the $250,000 needed annually to sustain the CTF’s efforts.

About the Foundation
Couple who wrote bequest for Foundation

How You Can Help

Volunteer. Contribute. Spread the word. Volunteers are the life-blood of the organization. Without them, there would be no Trail. Most supporters began as Trail users. Touched by how the experience has enriched their lives, they seek a way to give back. Some love the pick-and-shovel work of trail building and maintenance. Others participate in mailing parties, helping send out newsletters and raise funds. Some support our office staff with data entry, writing thank-you notes, and doing other tasks. Many write checks or donate online to support the Foundation’s ongoing work and encourage others to do the same. The rewards of joining other like-minded individuals in sustaining this Colorado treasure are many. Find out for yourself.

Volunteer  Many Ways to Contribute

Recent News

CT Conditions 2019 August 20

Tuesday Blog Post – CONDITIONS 2019 – August 20. CLOSURES Copper Mountain area: two-mile, trail-season detour affecting parts of CT Segments 7 and 8 . . . . . North of Monarch Pass: 3.2-mile detour on the CT Collegiate West, CW05 . . . . . AVALANCHE RELATED Seg 7 avalanche debris zones […]

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Closure & Detour Near Monarch Pass – 2019

CT CW05 Detour near Monarch Pass AUG 22 – SEP 30, 2019 Affecting the co-located CDNST and the Collegiate West route on The Colorado Trail (CT) this closure is due to a tree cutting and helicopter removal project to mitigate hazards caused by the beetle endemic. It is immediately above Monarch Mountain Ski Area. Please […]

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CT Conditions 2019 August 13

Tuesday Blog Post – CONDITIONS 2019 – August 13. SNOWPACK . . . . . For HIKERS and CYCLISTS, the CT became “Passable” end to end on August 6th. “PASSABLE” indicates easily snow-passable, that enough has melted to no longer be overly arduous or hazardous, and without snow-related navigation challenges. . . . . . […]

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CT Conditions 2019 August 6

Tuesday Blog Post – CONDITIONS 2019 – August 6. Closure info at the bottom; avalanche too; read this top to bottom. SNOWPACK (drumroll . . . ) . . . . . For HIKERS and CYCLISTS, the CT is now “Passable” end to end. (If you listen closely you might hear a bunch of people […]

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