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Allow me to introduce you to the CT Impact Report, a new publication for The Colorado Trail Foundation that aims to showcase all of the work that went into the Trail this year by our hundreds of volunteers and small (yet mighty) staff. As Friends of the CT, we want you to see exactly what your volunteer time and donation dollars are doing out on The Colorado Trail. Click this link, or the button below, to read our 2023 Impact Report.

Along with sharing the work done by the Foundation, we also want this publication to serve as a thank you for all that you continue to do to support our efforts to ensure the CT remains the best maintained long- distance trail in America! While there have been a lot of transitions in the CTF world in 2023, one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to building and maintaining The Colorado Trail through volunteer efforts, primarily our Volunteer Trail Crews and Adopt-A-Trail program.

We hope that after reading this report that you take a moment to–

  • Thank a volunteer!
  • Check out our Volunteer page to see all of the ways you can volunteer! (hint: there are more ways to support CTF other than a trail crew)
  • If you’re able, make a donation to support this important work!

Happy trails,
Tisha McCombs
CTF Executive Director

Read the 2023 CT Impact Report